Monday, August 20, 2007


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What did you learn from preparing your presentation?

From my presentation, I learned how to organise my topic, how to make my

presentation more interesting to attract audience, and the most important is how

to ignore nervous. I organised my topic as time in order to help audience easily

understand the evolution if automobiles. Moreover, I put lots of pictures in my

PowerPoint to make my presentation more inyeresting and attract my audience.

At last, I have my own way to get rid of nervous, but it's my own secret. Haha...

How did you feel about your presentation?

Overall, I think my presentation is on the level that it should be. It is hard for

me to judge if it is good or not. However, personally I'm very glad about what I

have done, because I had try my best to do it.

What did you learn from listening to the presentations of your classmates?

Because of everybody are different individuals, so ours presentations are

different. Different ideas, different topics, different organization, and different

PowerPoint. From the differences, I learned many ways of thinking

and organization.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007


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What Is Happiness?

Angle said:
Happiness is when you tring to help or protect someone.
Open you arms and give warm to others who are living in cold.
Always smile like a child and use your happiness to treat others sadness.
Happiness is you offer as much as you can to help others.
"Other people happy, so I happy."

Evil said:
Happiness is to destroy everything.
Make mischief, make friends become enemies.
Devastate every species, make forests become deserts.
Happiness is greed, sin, and destroy!
"When other people suffering, I will be happy."

Wind said:
Happiness is freedom.
Blow away cloudy and let sun light shinning forever.
Blow windbells and let the beautiful bell ring fly into evry family.
Happiness is do whatever you want, and out of control.
"I have nothing to worry about, so I happy."

Rain said:
Happiness is free fall.
Wash the dust and bring a new world back to people.
Irrigate the ground and bring green back to people.
Happiness is clean inside and out, and full of lives.
"I irrigate, so I happy."

Sun said:
Happiness is warm and share.
Treat cold make passion and solicitude to this planet.
Treat dark and make evil, sin, and cheat never come back.
Happiness is fairness and magnanimity.
"Straightness makes me happy."

Moon said:
Happiness is care for the details.
Watch people sleeping silently and pray for everyone.
Watch people's way at night and show the corret direction when people lost the way.
"Happiness is mercy and meticulously."

I said:
Happiness is true love.
Happiness is to make more friends and never betray them.
Happiness is trying to make my dreams come true.
Happiness is when I feel isolate, I recieved a call from home.
Happiness is I can study new knowledge,and skills every day.

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yer!! i am all the time laughing in class it's true but i like it.. i do so and i think that in this life, we should be happy for everything we have, we do and show it to all the people around us with who we share so much of our time! i advice you to do the same.. haha..

By Blogger Zeinab, at July 25, 2007 at 12:22 p.m.  

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Population Questions

1) Overall, there are many things make me feel optimistic about the future of

population. First, the birth rate has already been reduced. Couples now choose to

have less kids, some couples even choose not to have kids. Second,

governments have some new policy to encourage couples have less kids.

Moreover, governments perfer use money to help young people to find a job

instead of to encourage couples have more kids. The third also the most

important is that more and more people realized how seriouse the population

problem is. People will do as much as they can to reduce or stop the population


2) The trend could lead to a more pessimistic outcome is that population

overreduction. Now people are more focus how to reduce the population as soon

as possible. However, if we reduce the population too many, there won't be

enough workers, teachers, polices, doctors, drivers, ect. Therefore, when we are

trying to reduce population. We also need to think about the serious

consequence of population overreduction.

3) In the industrial counties, people have to try best to reduce the populetion.

Because of industrial countries have technologies and finance to support their

industy. For example, industrial countries can use robots in factries instead of

use workers,or they can use automatic machines to build skyscapers instead of

use workers. However, in emerging nations they don't have this kind of modern

technology, neither money to buy this kind of machine. So they need more

menpower to build their industy.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007


shit!!!!,,nice video!!

By Blogger Xiao, at July 7, 2007 at 12:44 p.m.  

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It's Too Funny!!!! Haha……haha……

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Monday, July 2, 2007


yer finally! thanks for the comment! your blog is nice!!

By Blogger Zeinab, at July 4, 2007 at 6:42 p.m.  

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Book Project Questions:

1)The book finished suddenly when I turned over the last page, Then I realized

that there are no more page to read. I still cannot believe this book ended so

quickly with many unanswered questions. Because all of the chapters in the book

are different stories. The only connection which linked them together are 4 main

characters: Ming, Fitzgerald, Chen and Sri. Some unanswered questions puzzle

me a lot. Such as, did Fitzgerald infected HIV by the bite of Eli, the real reason

that Ming married Chen is because her parents want her to do so or she don't

love Fitzferald since the beginning. I think the author want us find out the

answers of those questions by ourselve. Maybe this is why this book attract


2)The major theme of this novel is to show people how to be a doctor and many

problems that people have to face on the way to be a doctor. They study hard,

work hard, and take any possible chance to make their dreams come true.

Sometimes the have to face challenge or struggle with emotional problems.

Those tiny things seems not so important. However, it shows us the real life of

them, and let us to know them better by connect tiny things together. therefore,

when I finished this book. I feel I was in the story and ever things happend in

front of me.

3)In my opinion, I don't think those characters are real peole. Maybe some

stories in this book are real stories. But those characters just been put into the

story to link all of the chapters together.

4)I told you before that I don't like this book. The only reason which kept me

reading are those unanswered questions. I was trying to find out the answers

and pushed me keep reading. Otherwise, I wouldn't finish this book forever. It is

very hard to analyise the plot of this novel, because there are many different

stories which cannot be connected by the same plot.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


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The Robot Dance!

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I also have to encounter the problem of time management not really because of this novel project, but since I entered this language class. Even if I set kinda schedule for myself,it doesn't always work for me, not that easy to follow it and manage everyting well. So, kinda crazy about my current life when things are all in a mess at tims. Anyway, I do agree with your opinion on the Blog-thing,So,just enjoy it, and write more, especially, don't forget to post those good things to share with us lar...

By Blogger Xia, at June 28, 2007 at 9:44 p.m.  

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Things That Struck Me The Most In This Unit

I don't think that there were some thing strike me in this unit. However, if there

was. It must be the time management. Usually, I spend my time in the library or

at home to finish the homework, and it usually takes 2 to 3 hours. After that, I

go out and buy some food for cooking. Then, wash dishes and have some fun to

relax myself.

Unfortunately, this week we have The Book Project. Therefore, I have to

spend much more time on the book instead of cooking and doing other daily

routings. So I modified my time schedule to make more time for reading the


By the way, I really like the project which like set up a blog. I think it would

sucessfully improve our writting skills in a more interesting way instead of let us

writting an essay on papers. On the other hand, by using some computer

language to set up the blog, such as HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) code.

We can also improve our computer technology skills.

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